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Introduction to circular economy


Dive into the world of sustainability with our 'Introduction to Circular Economy' course, designed to equip learners with essential knowledge and strategies for promoting a more sustainable future. Understand the core principles of the circular economy, explore advanced resource and waste management techniques, and comprehend the complexities of sustainable sourcing and policy frameworks. Perfect for individuals keen on environmental science, sustainability practices, or anyone striving to contribute to a greener planet, our course offers valuable insights into transitioning from a linear to a circular economic system. Key topics include zero waste initiatives, the reduce-reuse-recycle approach, sustainable business models, and the role of innovation in fostering circularity. Enroll now to gain expertise in one of the most critical pathways to sustainable development.

What you will learn

Learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to understand, implement, and navigate the challenges of circular economy, including resource and waste management, sustainable sourcing, and policy frameworks.

Course program

Meaning and Definition of Circular Economy
Rationale and Objectives of Circular Economy
Principles and Techniques of Circular Economy
Resource Management in Circular Economy
Waste Management in Circular Economy
Advanced Techniques in Circular Economy
Challenges and Transitioning
Case Studies in Circular Economy
Future Trends in Circular Economy