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Introduction to biodynamic agriculture


Discover the transformative world of biodynamic farming with our 'Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture' course. Ideal for enthusiasts seeking sustainable agriculture practices, this course delves into the historical origins, key principles, and implementation of biodynamic methods initiated by Rudolf Steiner. Learn how to create a self-sustaining ecosystem within your farm, gain expertise in advanced soil management, appreciate biodiversity, and understand the certification standards necessary for biodynamic practices. Engage with discussions on the advantages and criticisms of this holistic agricultural approach. Key search terms: biodynamic agriculture, sustainable farming, Rudolf Steiner, soil health, biodiversity, eco-friendly farming, agricultural certification, holistic agriculture, farming ecosystems, regenerative farming practices, sustainable agriculture courses.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of biodynamic agriculture, including its historical origins, key principles, and practical applications, and will be able to critically evaluate the controversies and debates surrounding this farming method.

Course program

Origins and Evolution of Biodynamic Agriculture
Key Concepts and Principles of Biodynamic Agriculture
Biodynamic Farming Practices
Standards and Certification in Biodynamic Agriculture
Impact and Controversies around Biodynamic Agriculture