Introduction to Acid-Base Reactions


This course covers the foundations of acid-base chemistry, electrolytes and the pH scale, degree of dissociation and pH calculations, dissociation constants, acid-base equilibria and buffer solutions, acid-base reactions and neutralization, and acid-base chemistry in various contexts including life sciences, environmental chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry, water treatment, soil chemistry, chemical synthesis, energy sector, pollution control, research applications, material science, forensic science, and art conservation.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire a comprehensive understanding of acid-base chemistry and its applications in various fields, as well as the ability to analyze and solve problems related to acid-base reactions and their impact on the environment and human activities.

Course program

Foundations of Acid-Base Chemistry
Electrolytes and the pH Scale
Acidic and Basic Substances
Degree of Dissociation and pH Calculations
Dissociation Constants and Their Significance
Acid-Base Equilibria and Buffer Solutions
Acid-Base Reactions and Neutralization
Acid-Base Chemistry in Various Contexts