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Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Sustainable Agriculture


This course covers the fundamentals of pest biology and behavior, ecological and environmental impacts of pests and diseases, advanced methods and innovations in pest and disease management, integrated pest management in different agricultural systems, implementation of sustainable pest and disease management strategies, community involvement and collaboration, and emerging technologies and crisis management.

What you will learn

Learners will acquire a comprehensive understanding of integrated pest and disease management in sustainable agriculture, including the ability to develop and implement effective pest management plans, evaluate the environmental impacts of pest control methods, and utilize advanced technologies for precision pest management.

Course program

Fundamentals of Pest Biology and Behavior
Ecological and Environmental Impacts of Pests and Diseases
Advanced Methods and Innovations in Pest and Disease Management
Integrated Pest Management in Different Agricultural Systems
Implementation of Sustainable Pest and Disease Management Strategies
Community Involvement and Collaboration
Emerging Technologies and Crisis Management