Impressionist Innovations: A Brush with Light and Color


This course explores the historical and contextual foundations of Impressionism, influential Impressionist artists, techniques and characteristics of Impressionist art, scientific and technological influences on Impressionism, the impact and legacy of Impressionism, exhibition and market of Impressionist art, influence of Japanese art and modernity on Impressionism, and the legacy and contemporary relevance of Impressionism.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of Impressionism, including its historical context, influential artists, techniques, scientific and technological influences, impact and legacy, and its contemporary relevance in the art world.

Course program

Historical and Contextual Foundations of Impressionism
Influential Impressionist Artists
Techniques and Characteristics of Impressionist Art
Scientific and Technological Influences on Impressionism
Impact and Legacy of Impressionism
Exhibition and Market of Impressionist Art
Influence of Japanese Art and Modernity on Impressionism
Legacy and Contemporary Impressionism