If This Is a Man by Primo Levi, a review


This course delves into the life and experiences of Primo Levi during the Holocaust, exploring themes of survival, resilience, trauma, and ethical dilemmas, while also examining the literary style and narrative techniques used in his work. It also discusses the impact of trauma on the human psyche, the relevance and legacy of Levi's narrative, and the universal lessons and modern implications derived from his experiences.

What you will learn

To gain a deep understanding of Primo Levi's experiences during the Holocaust, analyze the themes of survival and resilience, and develop critical thinking skills in examining the impact of trauma and the ethical dilemmas faced by individuals in extreme conditions.

Course program

The Life and Context of Primo Levi
Characters and Interactions
Life in the Concentration Camp
Themes of Survival and Resilience
The Impact of Trauma and the Human Psyche
Literary Style and Narrative Techniques
Relevance and Legacy of "If This Is a Man"
Narrative Structure and Storytelling