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Human Behavioral Biology


Dive into the fascinating world of Human Behavioral Biology with our engaging online course and understand the intricate connection between biology and human behavior. This educational journey covers essential topics such as genetics, neurobiology, evolutionary psychology, and more, providing an in-depth exploration targeted at both enthusiasts and professionals in psychology, medicine, and biology-related fields. By enrolling in our course, you will unlock a treasure trove of knowledge that bridges the gap between complex biological concepts and their real-world applications in human behavior. Suitable for learners of all levels, the course leverages mobile technology, offering flexible and interactive learning experiences. Enroll now to gain a comprehensive understanding of the biological factors influencing behavior, enhance your academic or professional portfolio, and earn valuable completion points. Seek out keywords such as 'behavioural genetics', 'neurobiological factors of behavior', 'evolutionary mechanisms in psychology', and 'human behavioral biology course online' to find us easily on Google.

What you will learn

To provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the biological factors that influence human behavior, using a mobile app for convenient access to course materials and interactive learning experiences.

Course program

Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology
Genetics and Behavior
Neurobiology of Behavior
Evolutionary Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Sex and Gender Differences
Psychopathology and Behavior
Behavioral Genetics
Behavioral Neuroscience Techniques
Ethical Considerations in Human Behavioral Biology