Homo Deus: the future of humanity by Harari


Discover the pivotal insights from Yuval Noah Harari's groundbreaking book 'Homo Deus: The Future of Humanity' in our comprehensive course. Embrace the future by exploring the profound challenges and aspirations that define the next stage of human evolution. This course delves into the dominance of Homo sapiens, the influence of human activities on Earth, the rise of humanist ideologies, the revolution of techno-religions, and much more. With a deep understanding of the historical context, learners will critically examine the future trajectory of our species. Key topics include techno-religion, humanism, liberalism vs. science, and the anthropocentric world. Ideal for students of sociology, history, future studies, and anyone interested in the long-term prospects of humanity. This SEO-friendly description is designed to increase visibility for those seeking an intellectual and forward-thinking approach to human progress and its implications.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will have acquired a deep understanding of the challenges and goals of the new human agenda, as well as the impact of human dominance on the planet and the emergence of new techno-religions, preparing them to critically analyze and navigate the future of humanity.

Course program

The New Human Agenda: Challenges and Goals
The Anthropocene Epoch: Human Dominance and Its Consequences
Homo Sapiens: The Most Powerful Species
The Humanist Revolution and Its Ideological Conflicts
The Contradiction Between Liberalism and Science
The Great Decoupling of Human Value from Utility
The Emergence of New Techno-Religions
The Historical Context of Human Challenges