History of poetry


Dive into the rhythmic world of poetry with our comprehensive course, 'History of Poetry'. This enriching journey covers the evolution from the earliest verses to modern-day spoken word. Perfect for students, literature enthusiasts, and aspiring poets, our course provides a deep dive into poetic forms, influential movements, and the profound impact of poetry across cultures. Grasp the essence of epic poetry, Aristotle's theories, and explore how poetry reflects society and personal expression. Ideal for those seeking to understand poetry's therapeutic roles or simply wishing to indulge in poetic beauty. Join us to unravel the timeless art that has resonated through ages – a valuable exploration of culture, emotion, and intellect. Keywords: Poetry history, epic poems, Aristotle poetry, cultural influence, poetry therapy, literature course.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history of poetry, its various forms and influences, and its significance in different cultures and societies, as well as its therapeutic and wellness applications.

Course program

Origin and Evolution of Poetry
Epic Poetry Throughout History
Aristotle's Influence and Poetic Genres
Global Perspectives on Poetry
Poetry in Contemporary Society: Identity and Society
Poetry and Its Interactions with Other Art Forms and Society
Poetry in the Publishing and Education Industries
Poetry in Therapy and Wellness