History of Imperial China


This course covers the history of Imperial China, from the rise of the Qin Dynasty and the unification of China, to the decline of the Imperial system and the transition to the Republic of China in 1911, exploring key dynasties, cultural, economic, and social developments, and the impact of philosophical beliefs.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history of Imperial China, including the key dynasties, cultural and economic developments, and the influence of philosophical beliefs, preparing them to analyze and interpret the legacy of Imperial China in modern Chinese society and culture.

Course program

The Qin Dynasty and the First Emperor
The Han Dynasty and the Silk Road
The Tang and Song Dynasties
Confucianism and the Civil Service Examination
Buddhism, Legalism, and Social Structure
Cultural Flourishing and Economic Expansion
Art, Literature, and Philosophical Thought
Decline, Transition, and Legacy