Guerrilla marketing


Discover the power of unconventional marketing strategies with our Guerrilla Marketing course. Ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing professionals, this course dives deep into creative, budget-friendly tactics that can yield substantial results. Overcome the challenges of a limited marketing budget while maximizing exposure and engagement through innovative approaches. You will learn to harness the potential of social media platforms, leverage word-of-mouth, and create impactful campaigns that stand out in a crowded marketplace. Some key terms include low-cost marketing, stealth marketing tactics, DIY marketing strategies, viral marketing, and social media campaigns. Enroll now and start mastering the art of making a big impact with minimal resources.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will be able to create and execute a guerrilla marketing plan using low-cost tactics and social media, and measure the success of their campaign using metrics such as engagement and conversions, all via a mobile app.

Course program

Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing
Understanding Your Target Audience
Creating a Guerrilla Marketing Plan
Low-Cost Guerrilla Marketing Tactics
Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing
Measuring the Success of Your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
Case Studies in Guerrilla Marketing
Ethical Considerations in Guerrilla Marketing
Conclusion and Next Steps