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Franco’s rise to power


This course covers the early life and military career of Francisco Franco, his political ascendancy and role in the Spanish Civil War, consolidation of power and international relations, dictatorship and policies, involvement in World War II and post-war Spain, opposition to his rule and transition to democracy, and his legacy and impact on modern Spain.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of Francisco Franco's rise to power, his impact on Spain, and the historical, political, and social complexities of his regime and legacy.

Course program

Early Life and Military Career of Francisco Franco (1892-1926)
Franco's Political Ascendancy and the Spanish Civil War
Franco's Consolidation of Power and International Relations
Franco's Dictatorship and Policies
Franco's Role in World War II and Post-War Spain
Opposition to Franco's Rule and Transition to Democracy
Franco's Legacy and Impact on Modern Spain
Historiography of Franco's Regime and Legacy