Franco’s Dictatorship in Spain (1939-1975)


Discover the comprehensive course on Franco's Dictatorship in Spain from 1939 to 1975. Our expertly curated content delves into the historical implications of Francisco Franco's rule, the Spanish Civil War, and the sociopolitical transformations under his regime. Understand the pivotal role of the Catholic Church, examine Franco's foreign policy, and analyze the economic strategies that defined this era. Perfect for history enthusiasts, academics, or students seeking to gain in-depth knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. Explore topics such as Basque and Catalan nationalism, social transformations, and opposition movements. Join us to unravel the complexities of this significant period in Spanish history with valuable insights and resources.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Franco's dictatorship in Spain, including its historical context, social and political impact, and economic policies, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills through comparative analysis and examination of opposition movements and nationalism during this period.

Course program

Franco's Rise to Power
Establishment and Phases of the Francoist Dictatorship
Social Transformations Under Francoism
Basque and Catalan Nationalism Under Franco's Regime
Role of the Catholic Church in Supporting Franco's Regime
Ideological Groups Supporting Francoism
Franco's Foreign Policy and Alliances
Economic Policies and Outcomes of Francoism
Crisis of Francoism from 1973 to Franco's Death
Legacy of Francoism in Contemporary Spain