Founding Fathers and the Birth of the USA


This course covers the events leading to the American Revolution, the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, the challenges of the Articles of Confederation, the birth of the USA through the Constitutional Convention, the debates over the Bill of Rights, the role of women in the revolution, and the emergence of political parties and early domestic policies.

What you will learn

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Founding Fathers' contributions to the birth of the USA, including their roles in the American Revolution, the drafting of the Constitution, and the establishment of early domestic policies, as well as the societal debates and economic foundations of the new nation.

Course program

Colonial America and the Road to Revolution
The American Revolution
The Declaration of Independence
The Articles of Confederation and Early Challenges
The Constitutional Convention and the Birth of a Nation
The Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Perspectives
The Bill of Rights and Influences on American Political Thought
The Role of Women in the American Revolution and Societal Debates
The Emergence of Political Parties and Early Domestic Policies
Economic Foundations of the New Nation