European Union: A Historical Perspective


This course provides a comprehensive historical perspective on the European Union, covering its post-war origins, the evolution of its institutions, key policies and initiatives, global role and response to challenges, societal impact, governance and decision-making, as well as current challenges and prospects.

What you will learn

Gain a deep understanding of the historical development of the European Union, its institutions, policies, and global impact, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills to assess the current challenges and prospects facing the EU.

Course program

Prelude to Unity: Europe's Post-War Climate and the Push for Integration
The Foundations of the European Union
The Evolution of the European Union
The Institutions of the European Union
EU Policies and Initiatives
The European Union's Global Role and Response to Challenges
The European Union's Societal Impact
The European Union's Governance and Decision-Making
Challenges and Prospects for the European Union