European Art in the Modern Age: Baroque


This course explores the characteristics, historical context, and cultural influence of European Baroque and Rococo art, including the impact of key artists, the role of art criticism, and the conservation of Baroque artworks.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of European Baroque and Rococo art, including its historical and cultural context, the influence of major artists, and the techniques for conserving and preserving Baroque artworks.

Course program

European Baroque Art Characteristics and Style
Historical and Cultural Context of the Baroque Period
Major Artists and Their Contributions
Civic and Commercial Architecture: The Baroque Influence Beyond the Church and Palace
Baroque Architecture and Urbanism
Baroque Sculpture and Painting
Rococo Art and Its Influence
Baroque Art as a Tool for Political Expression and National Identity
Art Criticism and Theory in the Baroque Period
Conservation and Preservation of Baroque Artworks
Baroque Art in the European Periphery
The Legacy of Baroque Art in Contemporary Culture