Ethics in Ancient Greece


This course explores the development of ethical thought in Ancient Greece, covering the teachings of pre-Socratic philosophers, the influence of mythology and tragedy, virtue ethics in Plato and Aristotle, the relationship between ethics and politics in the Athenian context, and the legacy of Greek ethical thought in Roman, Medieval, and contemporary philosophy.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of ethical thought in Ancient Greece and its impact on subsequent philosophical and moral traditions, as well as the ability to critically analyze and evaluate ethical theories and concepts.

Course program

Foundations of Ethical Thought in Pre-Socratic Philosophy
Socratic and Post-Socratic Ethical Thought
The Influence of Mythology and Tragedy on Ethical Thought
Virtue Ethics in Plato and Aristotle
Ethics and Politics in the Athenian Context
The Concept of Eudaimonia
Ethical Schools and Movements in Hellenistic Philosophy
The Legacy of Greek Ethical Thought