Essay in Universal Literature


This course explores the origins and development of the essay as a literary form, from its influence by classical literature to its impact on contemporary non-fiction writing, covering topics such as the pioneers of the essay form, the role of the essay in shaping public opinion, philosophical essays, personal and reflective essays, and the essay's legacy in global literary movements.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the essay as a universal literary form and its role in shaping cultural, social, and political discourse, while developing the skills to critically analyze and create essays across various genres and contexts.

Course program

The Origins and Development of the Essay
The Pioneers of the Essay Form
The Essay in the Age of Enlightenment
The Role of the Essay in Shaping Public Opinion
Philosophical Essays: Existentialism and Ethics
Personal and Reflective Essays
The Essay's Legacy in Contemporary Non-Fiction
The Essay in Comparative Context
The Essay as a Form of Exploration