ESG, what it is and why it is important for companies


Discover the essentials of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) with our comprehensive course tailored for industry professionals and environmentally-conscious individuals. ESG principles are increasingly crucial in today's business landscape, driving sustainable practices and responsible corporate behavior. Learn about ESG's origin, key dimensions, how it shapes company policies, and why it is vital for risk management and investment strategies. Perfect for CEOs, CFOs, ESG analysts, sustainability officers, and anyone looking to integrate ESG frameworks into business operations. Our course equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, adopt best practices, and navigate legal implications, all while earning points toward certification. Join our growing community of learners and become a leader in ESG initiatives. Enroll now to start your journey towards sustainable business success!

What you will learn

Gain a deep understanding of ESG and its importance for companies, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive sustainable business practices, all on your mobile device.

Course program

Introduction to ESG
Understanding the Dimensions of ESG
ESG vs Impact Investing
The Relevance of ESG for Companies
Case Studies: Best Practices in ESG
Best Practices in ESG
The Relevance of ESG for Stakeholders
Legal Frameworks Around ESG
The Future of ESG