Economy of India: Cultural Perspective


This course explores the historical, religious, cultural, and modern influences on the economy of India, including the impact of globalization, traditional economic systems, agricultural transformations, economic reforms, and the role of media and entertainment.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Indian economy from a cultural perspective, including the historical, religious, and modern influences, and develop the ability to analyze and evaluate the impact of these factors on economic development and growth.

Course program

Historical Foundations of Indian Economy
Influence of Religion on Indian Economy
India in the Global Economy
Media and Entertainment: Economic Powerhouses
Cultural Diversity and Traditional Systems
Globalization and Modern Influences
Art, Literature, and Traditions in Indian Economy
Language, Education, and Social Welfare
Other Cultural Influences on Indian Economy
Agricultural Transformations and Economic Development
Economic Reforms and Liberalization
Festivals, Celebrations, and the Economy