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Eco-Labeling and Environmental Certifications: Interpretation and Application in Sustainable Consumption


This course covers the fundamentals of eco-labeling and environmental certifications, including the regulatory and institutional framework, criteria and standards for eco-labels, ethical and social responsibilities, consumer behavior and awareness, impact on product development, case studies in eco-labeling and sustainability, strategies for promoting sustainable consumption, and global trends and future directions.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of eco-labeling and environmental certifications, and the ability to interpret and apply these concepts in the context of sustainable consumption, ethical sourcing, and supply chain management.

Course program

Fundamentals of Eco-Labeling and Environmental Certifications
Criteria and Standards for Eco-Labels
Ethical and Social Responsibilities in Eco-Labeling
Consumer Behavior and Awareness
Impact on Product Development
Case Studies in Eco-Labeling and Sustainability
Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Consumption
Global Trends and Future Directions in Eco-Labeling