Discover Neoclassicism, a revival of classical antiquity


Embark on a journey to discover the timeless beauty and elegance of Neoclassicism with our comprehensive online course. Neoclassicism, a fascinating artistic movement that sought to revive classical antiquity's principles in art and architecture, continues to captivate art enthusiasts and historians worldwide. Dive into the world of striking symmetry, grandeur, and disciplined geometry that characterizes Neoclassical art across its various forms, including painting, sculpture, and architecture. Learn about the key figures of the Neoclassical period, such as Jacques-Louis David, Antonio Canova, and Robert Adam, whose works remain a testament to the movement's enduring legacy. Our course is perfect for students of art history, enthusiasts of classical art, and anyone interested in the cultural rebirth that marked the 18th and 19th centuries. Through engaging and immersive content, you'll gain a profound understanding of the historical context, the cultural underpinnings, and the lasting influence of Neoclassicism. Explore the factors that led to the movement's emergence as a response to the previous Rococo style, and how it reflected the Enlightenment's values. If you're searching for keywords such as 'Neoclassicism', 'classical antiquity revival', 'Neoclassical art', 'Neoclassical architecture', 'Neoclassical painting and sculpture', or 'art history', then this is the course for you. Unlock the secrets of Neoclassicism and its critique of society through an insightful curriculum designed to educate and inspire. Join our course and become part of a global community passionate about the arts and the revival of classical ideas. Enroll today and enhance your appreciation for one of art's most significant and influential periods.

What you will learn

The learning goal of this course is to develop a comprehensive understanding of Neoclassicism, its historical context, and its influence on various art forms, all through an engaging mobile app experience.

Course program

Introduction to Neoclassicism
Motivations and Influences of Neoclassicism
Neoclassicism in Architecture
Neoclassicism in Paintings
Neoclassicism in Sculpture
Key Figures in Neoclassicism
Legacy of Neoclassicism
Conclusion: Understanding Neoclassicism