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Discover Malaysia


Embark on a marvelous journey to Southeast Asia with our 'Discover Malaysia' course, where you will dive deep into the heart of Malaysian culture, history, and natural beauty. This comprehensive course covers Malaysia's rich heritage, dynamic politics, multiracial society, diverse ecosystems, and captivating geography, making it the perfect educational adventure for those wishing to visit or learn more about this vibrant country. Explore popular tourist destinations, understand the significance of Malaysian customs, and appreciate the nation's unique biodiversity. Ideal for eager travelers, history buffs, and cultural enthusiasts, our course is packed with insight that will prepare you for an invaluable visit or intellectual engagement with Malaysia. If you're searching for 'Malaysia tourism,' 'Malaysian culture,' 'Southeast Asia history,' or 'unique ecosystems of Asia,' this course will cater to your curiosity and exceed your expectations.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, learners will have a thorough understanding of Malaysia's history, politics, society, culture, ecosystems, geography, and tourism, enabling them to appreciate the country's diversity and make informed decisions when visiting or engaging with Malaysia.

Course program

History and Politics of Malaysia
Society, Culture and Sports in Malaysia
Ecosystems and Geography of Malaysia
Exploring Malaysia: Cities, Villages and Tourist Spots
Experiencing Malaysia: Local Interaction and Cultural Immersion