Democratic Spain in Europe


This course explores the transition to democracy in Spain, its integration into the European Union, economic relations with the EU, participation in European policies and institutions, EU's impact on Spain, Spain's role in shaping the future of the EU, social and cultural integration into Europe, and Spain's involvement in European foreign policy.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of Spain's democratic transition, its relationship with the European Union, and the impact of EU policies on Spain, as well as the ability to analyze and evaluate Spain's role in shaping the future of the EU and its social, cultural, and foreign policy integration within Europe.

Course program

The Transition to Democracy in Spain
Spain's Integration into the European Union
Spain's Economic Relations with the European Union
Spain's Participation in European Policies and Institutions
The European Union's Impact on Spain
Spain's Role in Shaping the Future of the European Union
Spain's Social and Cultural Integration into Europe
Spain and European Foreign Policy
Challenges to Democracy within Spain and the EU