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Cultural Perspectives on Death Anxiety


This course explores the cultural, historical, and religious perspectives on death anxiety, including ancient Egyptian, medieval Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and indigenous views, as well as psychological theories and cross-cultural comparisons of attitudes towards death.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how different cultures and religions perceive and cope with death anxiety, and develop the ability to analyze and compare cross-cultural attitudes towards mortality and the afterlife.

Course program

Historical and Religious Perspectives on Death Anxiety
Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Attitudes Towards Death
Cultural Taboos and Stigmas Related to Death and Dying
Cultural Perspectives on Coping with Death Anxiety
Cultural Perspectives on Aging, Mortality, and the End-of-Life Experience
Cultural Influences on the Perception of the Body and Soul After Death
Educational and Clinical Approaches to Death Anxiety
Cultural Variations in the Portrayal of Death in Art and Literature