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Cooking & Science: The scientific concepts of Haute Cuisine


Are you passionate about the art of cooking and curious about the chemistry that makes your favorite dishes come to life? Discover 'Cooking & Science: The scientific concepts of Haute Cuisine' - an exclusive course where gastronomy meets the laboratory. Dive into the intricacies of heat transfer, uncover the secrets behind chemical reactions in cooking, and master flavor enhancement techniques. Perfect the art of texture modification and explore food sensory analysis to elevate your culinary creations. With an in-depth look into flavor extraction, preservation, and the science of candy and chocolate, this course is designed for chefs, food enthusiasts, and anyone with a zest for kitchen experimentation. Our detailed coverage of culinary innovations will guide you to the forefront of cooking technology, while the essential teachings on food safety and microbiology will ensure your dishes are as safe as they are sumptuous. If you're searching for sophisticated cooking classes, culinary science, flavor profiles, professional chef techniques, or simply want to transform your kitchen into a food lab, 'Cooking & Science' is your ultimate resource. Earn points and badges as you learn, and become the haute cuisine connoisseur you've always dreamt of being. Enroll now and bring the excellence of world-class food science into your home!

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the scientific principles and techniques used in Haute Cuisine, and develop the skills necessary to apply these concepts in cooking and food preparation.

Course program

Heat Transfer and its Impact on Food
Chemical Reactions in Cooking
Flavor Enhancement Techniques
Texture Modification Techniques
Food Sensory Analysis and Presentation
Flavor Extraction and Preservation
Candy and Chocolate Science
Culinary Innovations and Boundaries
Food Safety and Microbiology