Contemporary Economic History


The course covers theoretical foundations of economic growth, cycles and crises of contemporary economic systems, factors of economic development and their implications, levels, conditions, and ways of life in contemporary societies, social stratification and inequality, demographic dynamics and economic policy responses, the influence of multinational corporations on global economic dynamics, and financial crises and their global implications.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary economic history, including economic growth models, financial crises, global economic dynamics, social inequality, demographic trends, and the impact of multinational corporations on the global economy.

Course program

Theoretical Foundations of Economic Growth
Cycles and Crises of Contemporary Economic Systems
Factors of Economic Development and their Implications
Levels, Conditions, and Ways of Life in Contemporary Societies
Social Stratification and Inequality
Demographic Dynamics and Economic Policy Responses
The Influence of Multinational Corporations on Global Economic Dynamics
Financial Crises and their Global Implications