Child Protection Laws and Policies in England


This course covers the historical development of child protection laws in England, safeguarding procedures and reporting requirements, child protection policies and multi-agency working, child protection in different legal contexts, ethical and intersectional considerations, advocacy, activism, challenges, comparative child protection, and equality law.

What you will learn

To gain a comprehensive understanding of child protection laws and policies in England, including the historical background, current practices, ethical considerations, and international perspectives, and to develop the skills necessary to navigate complex child protection issues in a legal and ethical manner.

Course program

Historical Development of Child Protection Laws in England
Safeguarding Procedures and Reporting Requirements
Child Protection Policies and Multi-Agency Working
Child Protection in Different Legal Contexts
Ethical and Intersectional Considerations in Child Protection
Advocacy, Activism, and Challenges in Child Protection
Comparative Child Protection: International Perspectives
Child Protection and Equality Law