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Challenging Masculinity: Redefining Gender Norms


This course explores the historical foundations of masculinity norms, feminist interventions in masculinity studies, impacts of toxic masculinity, diverse expressions of masculinity, and the influence of social movements and globalization on redefining gender norms.

What you will learn

Learners will acquire a deep understanding of the historical, cultural, and social factors that have shaped masculinity norms, and develop critical thinking skills to challenge and redefine traditional gender norms in contemporary society.

Course program

Historical Foundations of Masculinity Norms
Feminist Interventions in Masculinity Studies
Impacts of Toxic Masculinity
Contemporary Contexts of Masculinity
Diverse Expressions of Masculinity
Social Movements' Influence on Masculinity
Cultural and Media Influences on Masculinity
Globalization's Impact on Masculinity
Masculinity in Structured Institutions