Capacity markets in electricity generation


Discover the intricacies of capacity markets in electricity generation with our comprehensive course. Dive into topics such as market relevance, implementation across various countries, stakeholder participation, financing, and market reforms. With an in-depth curriculum designed for those interested in economics and engineering, this course demystifies the technical and economic aspects that ensure energy security and address supply problems through effective capacity markets. Ideal for professionals and students alike, the content we offer is tailored to provide practical insights and a solid understanding of how capacity markets function. By enrolling, you can learn at your own pace with our extended course structure and dense content packing, equipping you with the knowledge to excel in the energy sector. Keywords: Capacity markets, electricity generation, energy security, supply management, market participation, financing capacity markets, market reforms, economic stability, online course, e-learning, power sector education.

What you will learn

Gain a comprehensive understanding of capacity markets in electricity generation and their role in addressing supply problems and ensuring energy security, all through a mobile app.

Course program

Introduction to Capacity Markets
Understanding Electricity Generation
Critiques and Controversies of Capacity Markets
Reforms in Capacity Markets
Capacity Markets and Climate Change
Capacity Markets and Energy Security
Conclusion and Recap
Types of Capacity Markets
Implementation of Capacity Markets
Participation in Capacity Markets
Capacity Markets and Supply Problems
Financing Capacity Markets
Capacity Markets in Crisis Situations
Case Studies of Capacity Markets
Future of Capacity Markets