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Bystander Intervention: Stepping Up Against Harassment


This course covers the understanding of harassment and violence, psychological and social barriers to bystander intervention, historical and cultural context of bystander intervention, legal and ethical considerations, effective intervention strategies, impact of bystander intervention, and training and implementation of bystander intervention.

What you will learn

To equip learners with the knowledge and skills to effectively intervene in instances of harassment and violence, understand the historical and cultural context of bystander intervention, and navigate the legal and ethical considerations surrounding bystander intervention.

Course program

Understanding Harassment and Violence
Psychological and Social Barriers to Bystander Intervention
Historical and Cultural Context of Bystander Intervention
Legal and Ethical Considerations
Effective Bystander Intervention Strategies
Impact of Bystander Intervention
Bystander Intervention in Different Contexts
Training and Implementation of Bystander Intervention