Brief history of Mexico


Discover the tumultuous and rich tapestry of Mexico's past with our 'Brief History of Mexico' course. Designed for history enthusiasts and scholars alike, this comprehensive course offers an in-depth look at the pivotal events that have shaped Mexico's destiny. Dive into the world of pre-Columbian civilizations and explore the Aztec and Maya contributions to culture and knowledge. Relive the epoch of the Spanish conquest and understand its enduring impact on Mexican society. March alongside the heroes of Mexican independence, and feel the revolutionary spirit of the Mexican Revolution. Learn about Mexico's current political system and grasp the underlying forces that drive contemporary Mexican society. With this course, arm yourself with knowledge about Mexico’s historical figures, traditional beliefs, and the far-reaching influence of its revolutionary ideas in world history. Perfect for students, teachers, and travelers intrigued by Mexico's legacy, our course is the key to unlocking the historical wealth of this vibrant country. Unveil the secrets of Mexico's history, and see how they echo in the streets and the hearts of its people today. Engage with key terms like 'Mexican history', 'Aztec civilization', 'Spanish conquest of Mexico', 'Mexican Independence', 'Mexican Revolution', and 'Mexico's political system' to further your understanding and appreciation for this fascinating country.

What you will learn

Gain a deep understanding of Mexico's history and its impact on contemporary society, all through the convenience of a mobile app.

Course program

Introduction to Mexican History
Pre-Columbian Civilizations
Conclusion: Mexico's Place in the World
Arrival of the Spaniards
Spanish Conquest
Colonial Mexico
Mexican Independence
Post-Independence Mexico
Mexican Revolution
Mexico in the 20th Century
Contemporary Mexico