Brief history of Germany


This course provides a comprehensive overview of German history from ancient times to the present, covering key events such as the Holy Roman Empire, the Thirty Years' War, the rise of the Nazi regime, and Germany's role in the European Union. It also explores cultural and intellectual movements, contributions to science and technology, and the social and global impact of Germany.

What you will learn

Gain a deep understanding of German history, culture, and global influence, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills through the study of key historical events, cultural movements, and scientific contributions.

Course program

Ancient Germany: From Germanic Tribes to the Holy Roman Empire
Evolution of Germany: Middle Ages to Unification
Wars and Conflicts: From Thirty Years' War to World War II
Modern Germany: Cold War to European Union
Cultural and Intellectual Movements in Germany
Contributions to Science, Technology, and Society
Social and Global Impact of Germany
Contemporary Germany: Politics, Economy, and Global Influence