Brief history of France


This course provides a comprehensive overview of the history of France, from the Roman conquest of Gaul to the impact of French literature, art, and culture on the global stage.

What you will learn

Gain a deep understanding of the key historical events, cultural developments, and influential figures that have shaped France, while developing critical thinking and analytical skills.

Course program

Ancient Gaul and the Roman Conquest (58 BC - 50 BC)
The Merovingian Dynasty and the Frankish Kingdom (5th - 8th century)
The Impact of French Literature, Art, and Culture
The Carolingian Empire and Charlemagne (8th - 9th century)
The Capetian Dynasty and the Consolidation of the Kingdom of France (10th - 14th century)
The Renaissance in France and the Reign of Francis I (16th century)
The Enlightenment and its Impact on France and Beyond
The French Revolution and the Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte (1789 - 1815)
The Franco-Prussian War and the Third Republic (I) (1870 - 1940)
The Third Republic, World Wars, and Vichy France (II)
The Role of France in International Diplomacy and Global Affairs