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Body Positivity and Self-Love


This course explores the history and impact of beauty standards, the body positivity movement, mental health and body image, promoting body positivity in different communities, self-love and self-care practices, body positivity in various settings, physical health and body positivity, and legal and social implications of body positivity.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of body positivity, self-love practices, and the societal, cultural, and individual factors that influence body image, as well as the skills to promote body positivity and self-love in various contexts.

Course program

Understanding Beauty Standards and Body Image
The Body Positivity Movement
Mental Health and Body Image
Promoting Body Positivity in Different Communities
Self-Love and Self-Care Practices
Body Positivity in Various Settings
Physical Health and Body Positivity
Legal and Social Implications of Body Positivity