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Biomass and Biogas: Sustainable Utilization of Organic Resources


This course covers the history, science, production, environmental impacts, technological innovations, policy frameworks, economic viability, and future trends of biomass and biogas utilization, with a focus on sustainable development and global perspectives.

What you will learn

Learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of biomass and biogas in sustainable development, as well as the knowledge and skills to analyze, implement, and promote organic resource utilization initiatives.

Course program

Role of Biomass and Biogas in Sustainable and Circular Economy
Biomass Resources and Conversion
Biogas Production and Utilization
Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts
Technologies and Innovations
Policy and Regulatory Frameworks
Economic Viability and Social Acceptance
Promoting Sustainable Development
Future Trends and Ethical Considerations
Global Perspectives and Case Studies in Biomass and Biogas Utilization