02. Political Development of States and Regions until the First World War


The course covers the political development of states and regions until the First World War, including the Victorian era in the United Kingdom, the formation of the Second German Reich, colonialism in Africa and Asia, and the impact of imperialism on indigenous populations.

What you will learn

By completing this course, learners will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the political development of states and regions leading up to the First World War, as well as the ability to analyze the impact of imperialism, nationalism, and state development on global history.

Course program

The United Kingdom of the Victorian era
France: Second Empire to Third Republic
Imperialism and Indigenous Populations
Social and Economic Transformations
The First World War and its Aftermath
Key Political Figures and their Legacies
Ideological Movements and State Development
The Second German Reich
Multinational Empires and Internal Conflicts
Nation-Building and Political Instability in Latin America
United States of America: Civil War to Global Power
Canada and the British Connection
Colonialism in Africa: Scramble, Conquest, and Resistance
Asia and Oceania under Western Influence
China: Turmoil and Transformation