Impact through knowledge

οἶκος (oikos), means house, home in ancient greek, brain is the organ that hosts intellectual activity

Interpreting reality requires knowing it in its different dimensions. There is not training program that can take us there, but what we do on a daily basis since we are born until death. That’s why we have created a learning experience aimed to be with you every day, reinforcing and deepening the knowledge of our users about many disciplines.

Our methodology

Microlearning using our mobile app

The simpler the learning process, the higher chances that we will develop the habit to do it.

Our methodology is based in the systematic delivery of structured contents about the learning topics where the user wants to develop its knowledge.

Algorithms and gamification to maximize absorption of knowledge

Our algorithms allow us to deliver the contents as a function of the progress of the user and its preferences.

In addition, we incorporate elements and dynamics specific of games, getting high levels of motivation, interest and engagement of the users of our systems, always with the purpose of maximizing learning.

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