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What you will find in Oikosbrain

A vast catalog of content for learning in both text and audio formats

Hundreds of courses are available for you to explore various topics and become the best version of yourself: history, art, philosophy, science, economics, psychology, spirituality, and many more. Read or listen as if it were a podcast. 🎧

A tool to make good use of moments that are sometimes wasted time

-While driving or on the bus 🚌
-While exercising or walking 🏃‍♀️
-On the couch relaxing or during downtime 🛋️
-During breakfast or dinner 🥪

A supplement for subjects in high schools

With content associated with official curricula for the last years of school age, accessible where young people use it the most – on their mobile phones. It includes text, audio, and interactive resolution of doubts for subjects like:

-World History🌍
-Art History🖼️
and many more.

Are you a teacher at an educational institution? Talk to us!

Brain🧠, our learning assistant

Request new content, inquire about doubts that arise while learning, or ask for deeper insights on any subject. Brain is our artificial intelligence assistant for all of this

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